Makeup tips every woman should know

Every woman wants to look her best. In order to get that flawless look women often turn to makeup. If makeup is not applied properly it can do more harm than good. There are some makeup tips for a flawless look every time.

A Plastic Spoon Can Help


Many people throw away plastic spoons. They can be more useful than people think. A plastic spoon can even help with mascara applications. Take the plastic spoon and gently hold it just below the lower eye lashes. Then apply mascara to the lower lashes. This will help coat the lower lashes without getting any makeup on the skin.

Use Some Tape


Scotch tape can do more than people think. Tape can be used as a guide when applying eyeliner. Take a small piece of tape and use it as a guide to trace around the eye. This can help a woman get an even look on both eyes.

Highlight the Eyes

Highlight the Eyes

When using different shades of eye shadow to really make the eyes stand out it is important to apply the right colors in the right places. The lighter colors including whites, creams, and other should be applied in the inner corners of the eye, the middle of the eye, and in the area below the brow bone. Once these colors are applied and blended in darker shades can be applied to the rest of the eye.

Perfect Lips

red lips isolated in white

Before adding lipstick it is important to make sure the lips are in good health. This can be done by exfoliating the lips to remove dead and dry skin. To exfoliate this delicate skin take a baby toothbrush and gentle rub the lips. To make the lips even softer mix some sugar and coconut oil and uses this as an exfoliate. After the dead and dry skin is removed be sure to apply some petroleum jelly to the lips to lock in the moisture.

Make Eyes Look Bigger

There is a simple way to make the eyes appear to be bigger. Get a white eye pencil and outline the eye with this white pencil. The lighter color will make the eyes appear bigger. Watch MAC makeup reviews online to learn how to apply the latest collections for a mind-blowing eye look.

Make Curling Lashes Easy


Curling eyelashes can be a big pain. There is a simple makeup trick to make this easier. Before using an eyelash curler hold a hair dryer next to it. Allow the dryer to blow hot air on the curler for a couple of seconds. Then user the eyelash curler on the lashes. This will help make the lashes extra curly and they will stay that way all day.
These are just some tips to applying makeup to make it really work and help make a woman look great. These tips are easy to follow and will make the skin flawless every time.